A money services app with multiple payment methods

Advanced payment solutions enable the global economy to keep on moving despite constraints. There are international money transfers that can be done and even cross-currency transactions. There are times that our movements are limited by factors such as the COVID-19 pandemic or acts of God such as Hurricane Katrina. To be prepared for such disasters, there must be the capacity to make financial transactions from a mobile device.


Send and receive funds with ease

It is critical during such crisis situations for anyone to be able to send and receive funds with the ease of using a mobile device. The way that money has to flow is vital to our being able to survive during challenging times. During uncertain times, it is good to be able to have a way to get access to funds. Being able to transfer money from wherever you are is always an advantage. There is a way to digitally make cross-border money transfers without leaving the comfort of your home. This digital wave makes the most of our mobile devices and Internet connectivity.

Traditional payment methods

There are traditional ways of transferring funds. Such secure payment services are the foundation of our money transfers. Though the trend is for sending and receiving money using other financial institutions aside from banks, this traditional channel is established and in many instances, has to be used. There are many establishments and facilities that only accept payment to their bank accounts. It is delusionary to believe that we can do away with making payment transactions to a bank account, especially in the near future.

Advanced payment solutions

However, if we do use other channels for fund transfers, we also maximize the use of our mobile devices. There are times that it is not possible to move about and we prefer using advanced payment solutions to send and receive money. 

A money services company’s app

There are person-to-person (P2P) apps that function as an e-wallet which can be used to remit money instantly. There is a money services company’s app that enables you to send money for free. It functions as an e-wallet and also does the task of being a P2P app. It also can be used to initiate international and local bank transfers. This money services app integrates the traditional ways of sending funds and advanced payment solutions, making it have the functions that are necessary to make payments to more facilities and over 50 countries in different currencies.

Prepaid debit card 

The advance payment solutions include that of using a money transfer method that entails the use of a debit card. These are prepaid cards that can be used for payouts to a digital wallet or a bank account. These debit cards can be funded and used to make payments.

Use your mobile device

When there are limited services and access to establishments and facilities, there is always the option to use your mobile device to make payments and receive funds, aside from doing a whole load of other things such as shop online. There is an increase in demand for online services. Using a money services app that has the advanced payment solutions can greatly aid anyone that has to transact online.